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Knowledge of grinding wheel

Author: Small Q     Release time: 2020.11.24

Grinding wheels are wheels made of sand grains. How is the wheel made, and what is it made of? This bonding material is called a binding agent. Sand with a binder (abrasive) bonding process, no fill sand all the space, and have a certain gap, the gap heat dissipation, accommodate grindings role, as a result, the gap will enter a certain quantity of air and coolant, is good for grinding.

So, the three main elements of grinding wheel are abrasive, void and combination.

The grains of sand in the grinding wheel are disorganized and uneven, but can see tens of thousands of sharp" knives. The pro ability of each granulation of the grinding wheel is made by the grinding wheel," which is called the micro blade of grinding grain.

In grinding, cutting blade changing, dull, after passivation continue to grinding, the grinding wheel, grinding force increases for some reason, when more than binder bond grinding force, grinding grain will automatically falloff, it' s called a grinding wheel of " self"! Al though the new ground is produced, it is much worse than the grinding of the finish. If grinding will continue to passivation again, can' t get the ideal size and roughness of the grinder piece, and grinding heat up, in this kind of circumstance must immediately dressing grinding.

the characteristics of grinding wheel:

The characteristics of the wheel are included; Abrasive, particle size, binding agent, hardness, organization strength, shape, size and so on.

(1) abrasive; Abrasive is the main component of grinding wheel. There are two kinds of natural abrasive and artificial abrasive.

The abrasive is divided into several types:

A brown corundum (GZ) tan

Rigid jade abrasive material B white corundum (GB) white grinding steel (quenching work is not hardening) eve.

C chrome corundum (GG) coco red icon carbide (TH) A castings, rubber parts

Silicon carbide abrasive grinding range

B green silicon carbide (TL)B alloy material, optical glass and SO on

(2) binding agent:

A ceramic binding agent, (A) properties: cold and heat resistant, corrosion resistant, not afraid of water, oil and common acid, alkali erosion, not restricted by storage period.

B resin bond (S) properties: good elasticity, shock resistance, high strength, and self-debility.

Disadvantages: 1, the anti-corrosive difference, the coolant of alkali quantity cannot exceed 1. 5%, the environment moisture can affect the grinding wheel strength, the storage period is not more than one year.

2, heat-resisting performance is poor, when the grinding zone temperature over 180Cwilllower hardness, high temperature and when the binder burnout.

The granularity of the wheel12#=-#F#FFFFFFFF

In our, country, the sieve method is also called sieve method, which is measured by the number of holes in each inch of the screen. For example, 60t is a screen that can be measured in 60 holes per inch.

The hardness of the grinding wheel: l when the surface of the grinding wheel is acted upon by external forces, the difficulty of shedding is hard, and the grinding wheel is hard to fall off. Loose grinding wheel is soft. The hardness of the grinding wheel determines the quality of the combination, the quantity and the manufacturing process of the grinding wheel. The more the grinding wheel hinds. The hither the hardness. The hardness and abrasive hardness of grinding wheel are two comp lately different concepts.

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