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Classification of sanding belt

Author: Small Q     Release time: 2020.11.19

Abrasive belt grinding belongs to a form of coated abrasive tool (commonly known as sand DU paper, emery cloth) grinding. As early as ZHI1760, the first sandpaper DAO appeared in the world, but it was only limited to manual operation at that time.It was not until 1900 to 1910 that the era of mechanical use of sandpaper and emery cloth came into being, and it was first used in the wood industry in the form of ring-shaped emery cloth. This mechanical grinding method using ring-shaped emery cloth was the prototype of sand-belt grinding.After 1930, belt grinding gradually developed to metal processing. In the Second World War, the United States took the lead in using belt grinding in weapon manufacturing, which achieved obvious results.At the beginning of 1950, the emergence of electrostatic sand planting method pushed belt grinding to a new stage, and belt grinding became more and more popular.Subsequently, Europe and Japan have also carried out research and application of belt grinding technology, and belt grinding technology has gradually developed into an independent processing technology field with a complete category and relatively complete technical system.The belt grinding system has low vibration and good stability.Due to the light weight of the belt itself, the balance state of its grinding process structure system is easy to control, and all the rotary parts (such as contact wheel, driving wheel, tensioning wheel, etc.) wear very little, there will be no dynamic unbalance factors like the grinding wheel.

In addition, the elastic grinding effect of sand belt can greatly reduce or absorb the vibration and impact produced during grinding.The grinding speed is stable, the belt driving wheel will not be smaller and slower like the grinding wheel.Belt grinding cost is low.This is mainly reflected in:

Belt grinding equipment is simple.Compared with grinding wheel grinder, abrasive belt grinder is much simpler, mainly because of its light weight, small grinding force and small vibration during grinding, and its rigidity and strength requirements for the machine are far lower than those for grinding wheel grinder.

Abrasive belt grinding is easy to operate with less auxiliary time.Whether manual or motorized belt grinding, the operation is very simple.This can be done in a very short time, from the replacement of the adjustment sand to the clamping of the workpiece being processed.

High grinding ratio of abrasive belt, high power utilization ratio of machine tool and high cutting efficiency.This reduces the tool and energy costs of removing the same weight or volume of material and reduces the time it takes.Abrasive belt grinding is very safe, low noise and dust, and easy to control, good environmental benefits.

Because the belt itself is so light, there is no risk of injury if it breaks.Belt grinding is not as serious as grinding wheel desander, especially in dry grinding, abrasive debris is mainly the material of the processed workpiece, it is easy to recover and control dust.Because rubber contact wheel is used, abrasive belt grinding will not produce rigid impact on the workpiece like grinding wheel, so the processing noise is very small, usually <70dB.Thus it can be seen that from the perspective of environmental protection abrasive belt grinding is also very worthy of promotion.

The abrasive belt grinding process is flexible and adaptable.This is shown in:

Belt grinding can be used for surface, inner, outer and complex surface grinding very conveniently.Design a sanding belt grinding head device as a functional component can be installed in the lathe after running, also can be installed in the planer to use, but also can be designed into a variety of special grinding machine.This feature of belt grinding can easily solve some difficult parts, such as super long, super large shaft and plane parts precision machining.

Sand belt base material, abrasive, binder have a wide range of choices, can adapt to the needs of various USES.The grain size, length and width of sand belt also have a variety of specifications, and a roll, ring and other forms can be chosen.

For the same kind of workpiece, belt grinding can be processed by various grinding methods and process structure.

The application range of abrasive belt grinding is very wide. The superior grinding performance and flexible process characteristics of abrasive belt determine that it has a very wide application range, from daily life to industrial production of all walks of life, abrasive belt grinding almost all fields.The variety of its application forms, the wide range of any other processing methods can not be compared.Specific manifestations are as follows:

Belt grinding can grind almost all engineering materials.In addition to grinding materials that can be processed by the grinding wheel, it can also process non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum and other non-metallic soft materials such as wood, leather and plastic.In particular, the cold grinding effect of belt grinding makes it more advantageous in the processing of heat-resistant and hard-to-grind materials.


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