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How to use scroll saw

Author: Small Q     Release time: 2020.10.15

Rule 1 Wer a protactive gear

The protactive gear include your protactive glasses,a hat,and a dust mask as well.Before any starting any scroll sawing if you don't want to have bad experience with the scroll saw,you have to protact yourself  from  dust and wood chips.  

Rule 2 Prepare the wood

You now want to mTo obtain excellent results, the wood should be cut into the desired size required to make the predetermined patterns.Also, the wood should be smoothened using sandpaper on the rough edges then transfer the pattern you want to make on the wood using a pencil.

Rule 3 Prepare the saw

You need to prepare the scroll saw by clamping it on the working plane.

The appropriate blade should be installed to get the desired size and delicacy of the pattern that is to be cut. The blade should be firmly fit in the scroll saw.

Thinner materials usually get better with blades that have small teeth. Sometimes it may get crazy when the scroll saw is not working properly.

Therefore, a test can be carried on a separate piece of wood rather than the one you are going to be working on.231.JPG

Rule 4 take care of your fingers

After you begin cutting, you are required to direct the blades to the first line. Always use both of your hands to control scroll saw through the marked lines.

When guiding the wood, avoid putting your fingers close to the blades. There should be no hurry when directing the wood around the blade.

Warning! Rushing is dangerous to your fingers. Scroll sawing while in a rush could also result in a crooked pattern.

Rule 5 Turn off the machine to make adjustments

While making adjustments of the blade tension, the scroll saw should always be turned off and unplugged from power. It is also vital to adjust the blade tension before starting to use the scroll saw.

Rule 6 Proper blade use

Select the blade that is needed for the project.  Using the wrong one can cause a poor outcome.

The blade should all the time be installed according to the manufacturers recommendations.


Rule 7 Clean the work area

The working area should always be kept clean and uncluttered.  This will ensure no other hazards are present.

Rule 8 Ensure the material is free of defects

Before cutting any wood pieces, ensure that they are free from nails, staples and any other foreign materials that materials.

The wood also should never be in contact with the wood while starting the scroll saw.

Rule 9 Good lighting systems

You might be wondering why you need a good lighting system. Well, good lighting makes the line that is being cut clear.


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